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What is Artescripta ?
What is Artescripta ?

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Cover for Artescripta - Music Publisher
Artescripta - Music Publisher

Artescripta – Music Publisher

Artescripta is publishing hand-made facsimiles of rare early music from a private collection.

Another of our rarest items. Frederic Augustus Lemiere : A Favorite Duet for Harp & Pianoforte op.24. Composed for and dedicated to Josephine Clerget. Edited by Birchall, London c.1800. 2 complete parts. Difficult to find !⬇️⬇️⬇️ See MoreSee Less
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Rare ! Pollet, B. & Le Maître, F. : Fantaisie et Variations on the air “Marbre funèbre où repose ma Laure” for Bassoon and Harp. Edited by Pollet, Paris, c1807. 2 complete parts.⬇️⬇️⬇️ See MoreSee Less
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Another of the many works in the collection for Harp and Pianoforte : the Famous Aria Finale “E Forza, E Forza Estinguere” from Mercadante’s opera “Il Reggente”, arranged by Bochsa for Piano and Harp, with Flute and Cello ad libitum. Edited by Chappell in London c1840. 4 complete parts !⬇️⬇️⬇️… See MoreSee Less
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My favorite part is designing a title cover 🥰 the original title page of the music will already be inside, so instead of using it twice I make another (translated) version, inspired from the original fonts and decorations. It will be printed on laid paper, hand-shaped with scissors and then glued on the front cover.These Fantasies for piano and horn will be going to the UK ! See MoreSee Less
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According to online sources, the first edition of Gallay's famous Grand Quartet op.26 for horns in different keys was by Colombier/Petit (took over Petit in 1838). False ! THIS is the actual first edition in 1833 by Dauprat, who took over Zetter a couple of years earlier. Signature of Gallay himself and catalogue of the editor. 4 complete parts ! 📯📯📯📯⬇️⬇️⬇️ See MoreSee Less
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