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What is Artescripta ?
What is Artescripta ?

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Cover for Artescripta - Music Publisher
Artescripta - Music Publisher

Artescripta – Music Publisher

Artescripta is publishing hand-made facsimiles of rare early music from a private collection.

As you may already now, we have many hand-written signatures, stamps and inscriptions in the collection. ✍🏻 Sometimes they are names of unkown musicians and dates, sometimes they are real treasures such as signatures of Dukas, Bizet, Reicha, Puzzi, Halévy, Koechlin, and more that is undisclosed yet. It's always such an emotion to be handling these old music sheets like their authors and owners once did. ✨🥹 See MoreSee Less
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Exceptional and rarely seen. 👀🔎 These are the complete orchestral parts for a Symphonie Concertante for 2 flutes and orchestra in A Major by Antoine Tranquille Berbiguier – unavailable anywhere else. All the parts have their original red cover and blue ribbon bidings, as well as the original box 🤗😍📚 Not so different from what I do, in the end ! It's a shame that the two solo flute parts are not included, and not to be found anywhere neither. But the day they make surface, this music will be complete ! See MoreSee Less
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Can you read this name ? Yup, this sheet belonged to Reicha himself… 🤯 curious about what it is ? See MoreSee Less
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An interesting print with a rare inscription : 😍✨ Dauprat : 20 Duos for 2 natural Horns in different keys op.14, with thematic table etc., dedicated to Mr. Auguste Doublat (?), amateur. Edited by Schonenberger c1850 (reprint of Zetter’s plate from c1825, probably first edition). Stamp of the editor and of the music store Pugno et Benacci-Peschier (1850). Inscription by Karl Siegler, composer, to horn player Franz Nauber, Vienna 1930. Quite exceptional ! Complete score. Have a look ⬇️ See MoreSee Less
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Charles Arthur Rawlings (1858 – 1919) : “Fern Hill”, Serenade for Harp and Pianoforte with accompanying Flute ad libitum. ✨🎶 Dedicated to Miss Fullerton and Miss A. Fullerton. Edited by Plaine & Hopkins in London, c1820. Stamp of the Morley collection. 3 complete parts. 📚 Have a look here : See MoreSee Less
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