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What is Artescripta ?
What is Artescripta ?

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This website has just been started and new products will be added daily. So come back regularly or stay in touch via our Facebook page to hear of all new arrivals !

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Cover for Artescripta - Music Publisher
Artescripta - Music Publisher

Artescripta – Music Publisher

Artescripta is publishing hand-made facsimiles of rare early music from a private collection.

Charles Nicolas Bochsa : Fantasy based on the Folies d’Espagne 🇪🇸 with 9 variations for the Harp. 🎼 Edited by Au Trophée Musical, c1830 ? Stamp of Arnaud in Lyon, another unidentified stamp, belonged to Aglaë Nugues. Uncommon work by Bochsa. Complete score. Have a look : ➱ See MoreSee Less
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A rare thing to have, facsimile available for horn players ! 👀📯 Giovanni Punto / Jan Vaclav Stich : Etude ou Exercice Journalier : ouvrage périodique pour le cor (Etude or Daily Exercise : periodical work for the Horn). First edition by Offenbach, c.1801. Beautiful engraving, and hand-written signature of a certain Thomas Brack. Complete.Have a look there : See MoreSee Less
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VERY RARE 😲 Charles-Henri de Blainville : General, Critical and Philological History of Music, dedicated to the Duchess of Villeroy. First edition by Pissot in Paris, 1767. Complete with beautiful engravings of instruments and of Madame de Villeroy. Contact us if you are… See MoreSee Less
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Just added for horn players : a series of Solos by Dauprat, including a duo for cor alto and cor basse. 📯 Complete score for all opus 11, 12, 16, 17 and 20. Quite uncommon. Have a closer look here : See MoreSee Less
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I have been silent for a little while – but busy ! 🐝 Time to resume our exceptional streak of rare piano works by Pixis 😈 This is “An Evening in Napoli”. 3 Impromptus Brillans for the Pianoforte 🎹 op.143, based on favorite motives from the opera “L’Osteria d’Andugar” by Lillo : “Une chanson devant le miroir” – “La ballade de Zerlina” – “La romance du brigand”. Dedicated to Anna Pixis. Edited by Hofmeister in Leipzig, c1840. Complete and difficult to find ! Have a look : ➡️… See MoreSee Less
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